Top 10 Most Expensive Schools In South Africa 2023

Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in South Africa

In this piece, we’ll share with you the top 10 most expensive schools in South Africa. The educational landscape in South Africa thrives with a multitude of options. Numerous schools cater to various levels of learning, encompassing university, college, secondary, and primary education.

Similar to many other nations, South Africa’s educational institutions can be broadly divided into two categories: public and private establishments. Generally, private schools in South Africa are renowned for being the pricier option. For example, here are the top 15 best private schools in Midrand.

A recent report highlighted that the most costly day school for grade 12 in South Africa surpasses R200,000 in fees, while the top ten most expensive schools demand over R160,000. Nevertheless, in 2021, many schools implemented fee increases ranging from 4% to 7.9%.

most expensive schools in south africa

Regarding tertiary education in South Africa, the costs typically range from R50,000 to R70,000 per year in some instances. This translates to a year of education in grade 12 at one of the prestigious private day schools costing nearly as much as an undergraduate degree in fields like commerce, law, or arts at select higher education institutions in South Africa.

Top 10 Most Expensive Schools In South Africa

Across the 9 provinces of South Africa, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of South Africa’s priciest high schools, and outlined the compelling reasons for selecting them, guaranteeing your child’s access to top-quality education there.

1. Hilton College: South Africa’s Priciest Educational Institution – R331,550

Hilton College is South Africa’s most expensive school, with a yearly cost of approximately R331,550. This prestigious establishment welcomes over 500 students hailing from more than 80 countries. It offers academic programs in both Afrikaans and English and is renowned for its exceptional quality of education and top-notch campus facilities.

2. Michaelhouse: A Tradition of Excellence – R303,600

Founded in 1896, Michaelhouse is a distinguished private boarding school with a rich heritage of educating the children of the affluent and influential.

The institution places a strong emphasis on traditional education, encompassing languages, art, music, sports, and classics. Beyond its exemplary academics, Michaelhouse offers some of South Africa’s finest amenities and facilities. The school has an Anglican background, drawing inspiration from the Church of England while having the flexibility to tailor its curriculum to the needs of its students.

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3. St. Andrews College Grahamstown: Excellence – R291,000

St. Andrews College Grahamstown is a private Anglican boarding school counted among South Africa’s top educational institutions. It welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, priding itself on academic achievements and sporting excellence.

4. Roedean School: Nurturing Excellence – R287,558

Established in 1904, Roedean School is one of South Africa’s premier elite girls’ boarding schools. Catering to girls aged 7 to 13 worldwide, Roedean offers a rigorous academic curriculum that includes drama, dance, music, and foreign languages. The school features an extensive art studio with animation classes and a community center equipped with three spacious gyms furnished with state-of-the-art equipment.


5. St. John’s School Houghton – R284 198

St. John’s School in Houghton has gained a well-deserved reputation for providing an exceptional educational experience. It fosters critical and creative thinking skills while instilling a love for learning in its students.

The International Baccalaureate program prepares students for diverse university studies and careers. Additionally, St. John’s offers a range of extracurricular activities and boasts a well-equipped gymnasium for sports like netball and basketball.

6. Bishops Diocesan College – R277 800

Bishops Diocesan College takes pride in its commitment to educating boys from various backgrounds. The school has earned acclaim for its outstanding achievements in sports and consistently ranks among the top schools in South Africa. Over the years, it has been associated with numerous notable individuals, making it a highly desirable choice for education.

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7. Kearnsney College Botha – R277 200

Kearnsney College Botha stands out for its diversity, attracting students worldwide. It has demonstrated strong academic performance and earned gold medals over the past three years. The school offers various extracurricular activities, including arts and crafts. Kearnsney also provides accommodation and boarding facilities for students who require extended or special care.

8. St. Mary’s School Waverley – R272 240

St. Mary’s School Waverley is a private Anglican English medium and boarding school exclusively for girls. Established in 1888, it is renowned as one of Gauteng’s premier intellectual institutions. The school offers comprehensive enrichment classes conducted by expert teachers, catering to students from nursery to high school.

9. St. Andrew’s School Bedfordview – R265 270

St. Andrew’s School Bedfordview holds the distinction of being designated as a heritage site by the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation in 2007, thanks to its historic buildings and structures. The school welcomes both day students and boarders.

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10. St. Alban’s College Lynnwood Glen – R264, 900

St. Alban’s College was founded to address the academic needs of boys who, due to their religious affiliation or location, could not attend public institutions. Consequently, the school boasts a remarkable academic profile, with more than 6% of its educators from various countries worldwide. It also has a significant number of international students.

Most Expensive Schools In South Africa (Conclusion)

Some parents may question the wisdom of choosing the most expensive educational institution for their children, but this choice often yields long-term benefits.

South Africa’s most expensive schools offer superior opportunities for students to gain admission to prestigious universities, ultimately leading to more lucrative career paths than their peers in less expensive schools.

Investing in education is a substantial commitment, both emotionally and financially. Responsible parents spare no effort to ensure their children receive the best possible start in life. It’s essential to recognize that, in South Africa, a general rule of thumb prevails: the more expensive the school, the higher the quality of education it provides.

Any of these ten most expensive schools in South Africa offers an excellent opportunity for your child. If you are considering enrolling your child in any of the institutions mentioned above, please contact the school for guidance on the registration process and application procedures.

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